Brave Spaces: Beginning, Sustaining, Evolving in Diversity Equity Inclusion for Maine Land Trusts

Date: March 26, 2024
Time: 1 PM – 5 PM
Location: 22 monument square, Suite 601, Portland, Me
Cost: $25 
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Do you work with or volunteer with a land trust that is trying to move Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice work forward? Momentum Conservation, in partnership with Maine Land Trust Network and Natural Difference, LLC, invites you to join Brave Spaces: a DEI workshop designed for Land Trusts. 

Ahead of the Maine Land Conservation Conference, our organizations will partner on an afternoon-long training designed to help develop DEI capacity in Land Trusts. Co-facilitated by Stefan Jackson, Jess Burton, and the staff of Momentum Conservation, this workshop will encourage vulnerable reflection and brave steps forward.

Participants will receive tools (concepts, schematics, rubrics, principles, and resources) to evolve their organizations’ and personal DEI practices. Whether your DEI work is starting from scratch or you’re hoping to create more systems in your organizations,  building this foundation together is essential.

Along the way, we will explore definitions of key terms; unconscious bias/implicit association; microaggression; and trauma-informed practice. We will wrap our minds around why DEI terminology and programming have diverged from awkward, momentary, mild discomfort to pole-spanning from mission-critical to mission-creep.

While we would love to host as many members of the Land Trust community as possible, unfortunately, we must limit the session to 20 attendees. Ideally, we’re looking for participants who are: 

  • DEI Practitioners with both training & experience (at any “level”) applying that training & experience
  • Leaders Exec Director or Board Chair or HR, OPs, Community Outreach/Partnership Directors at Land Trusts doing DEI work 
  • People doing DEI work with or at Land Trusts
  • Anyone interested in DEI work with Land Trusts

Please reach out to Jess Burton to learn more about the program at Together we will create the bravest space we can to engage one another with the utmost candor we can hold for ourselves