Learning to Read the Maine Landscape through the Lens of Racial History with Guest Speakers Meadow Dibble and Kate McMahon.

Connecting With Our Place from Casco Bay Stories

Momentum Conservation member organizations have conserved over 15,000 acres of land in Southern Maine. They rely on volunteers to help take care of these special places. These videos celebrate the environmental stewards of the land.

Sea Level Rise in Maine – Island Institute. Sea Level Rise is Happening Created for the Island Institute, this O’Chang Comics / Puckerbrush Animation original calls attention to the challenges of increased coastal flooding, storm surge events, and sea level rise impacts for Maine communities.

“DAWNLAND” Documentary Film

ABOUT THE FILM: They were forced to assimilate into white society: children ripped away from their families, depriving them of their culture and erasing their identities. Can reconciliation help heal the scars from childhoods lost? Dawnland is the untold story of Indigenous child removal in the US through the nation’s first-ever government-endorsed truth and reconciliation commission, which investigated the devastating impact of Maine’s child welfare practices on the Wabanaki people.

Portland Sustainability Series: “Bringing Nature Home” in Maine

Maine Audubon’s Director of Education, Eric Topper, explores the plants, practices and perks involved in restoring native food webs in our gardens, yards and communities.

Portland Sustainability Series: Surfing the Wave of Sustainability Science

Sophie Scott explores the unique role of surfers in our coastal systems through the lens of sustainability science.

Portland Sustainability Series: An Introduction to Solar Energy & Heat Pumps for your Home

Nick Sampson from ReVision Energy talks about options for solar electricity and heating for your home.

Portland Sustainability Series: Synthetic Biology and the Future of Nature

Kent Redford discusses Synthetic Biology and the Future of Nature.

Portland Water District’s Environmental Manager Paul Hunt talks about efforts to protect the waters of Sebago Lake.

Portland Sustainability Series: Oil Spills & Nutrients in the Warming Arctic Ocean

Ben Twining and Chris Aeppli of Bigelow Labs share their research on how the reaction of microbes to oil spills is affected by climate change.

OneWater! Explore the connection between Maine’s land and water.

Professor Jay Friedlander talks about “The Abundance Cycle”

CTN (Community Televison Network) – Momentum Conservation Video Page including Momentum Conservation event videos