Relearning Place Convening

May 31 – June 2
Ferry Beach Convention Center – Saco, ME

Convening Dates:

Application deadline: April 1st

May 7 (2 hours) – Pre-Convening Caucus spaces (virtual)

May 21 (2 hours) – Pre-Convening Relationship building (virtual)

May 31 (12:00PM) – June 2 (late Afternoon) – Main Convening

Second/Last week of june (2 Hours/each) – Post-Convening Affinity Spaces (virtuaL)

About the Convening

Join us as we gather with Black, Indigenous, other people of color, and folks with white privilege from across the Northeast who are engaged with the land and place through the environment, conservation, agriculture, spirituality, medicine, education, and recreation.

This convening is an opportunity to build relationships with others through the common grounding factor of place within our communities, the environment, the land, and the networks we live and work in. Through our convening, we hope to articulate a collective vision of the future for our communities and our worlds.

We strive to foster a space that addresses the need for BIPOC folks to gather, share resources, and build relationships while also providing folks with white privilege the opportunity to reflect, learn, and contribute.

You can expect to:

  • Build relationships

  • Share space

  • Create art

  • Be in community

  • Practice self-care

We recognize that everyone’s perspective is necessary for creating a just and livable future. This is an opportunity for white privileged folks to share learnings and identify problematic behaviors within their predominantly white organizations in ways that are often inaccessible to BIPOC folks.

Convening Outcomes

From this convening, participants can expect to participate in the development of cross-racial coalitions and the beginnings of networks that thrive on interdependent solidarity.

These coalitions and networks will provide support and resource sharing into the future through continued opportunities for connection and collaboration.

Equity Considerations

As measure to lower barriers to access, stipends will be provided for attendance. We recognize that many of you may have to take off work or have childcare needs and we hope to offset the impact of this time.

All attendees are required to be full vaccinated (two shots and a booster) to attend the in-person convening. We are implementing this requirement because many of the individuals who will attend come from high-risk communities. This requirement is an ethic of care for these communities.

Convening Details

Cost of Attendance

Below is the suggested cost of attendance.

Attendance is FREE if you identify as BIPOC.

If you are white privileged or benefit from the dominant system, we encourage you to donate.

The cost per person is $400


Stipends are available for attendance. If you are BIPOC identifying and would like to request a stipend more information will be made available after the application closes

Application – DeadLINE April 1st

All interested parties can submit an application to attend to ensure readiness and level of commitment. The application closes on April 1st.

We will accept 50 people through these applications. We expect the demographic ratio to 60-70% BIPOC and 30-40% white privileged

Applicants can expect to hear back by April 8th.


Want to Support Our Work?

This convening is partially funded by grants from donors, but we’re also asking for support from our community and network. If you are an organization looking to support this work, we suggest donations using the framework below.


Solidarity Rate

Donation amounts < $1,000

for organizations with annual budgets up to $250,000

Full Cost Rate

Donations between $1,000 and $4,000

for organizations with annual budgets between $250,000 and $750,000

Redistribution Rate

$4000 to $6,000+

for organizations with annual budgets between $750,000 at up

*We prioritize our Solidarity Rate for organizations that are doing movement building work and/or work to build a solidarity economy, and are led by communities of color, immigrants, and/or working class and poor people.

About the Team

The Relearning Place Program (RPP) is a multigenerational, cross-racial, and intersectional group of individuals that includes representatives from the conservation sector, environmental sector, and change-making space with leadership that honors and centers black, Indigenous, and other communities of color. In its current iteration, the steering committee includes individuals from the conservation sector, environmental education, educators, and changemakers. The way we do our work is focused on slow intentional relationship building. This group has intentionally spent time building foundational agreements, finding consensus on language, and developing strong relationships.